Fundraising Ideas


Tile Mural Fundraising Project

Tile Murals are a fun way to obtain money for your fundraising project. Color Clay Studio offers the tiles at a discounted price (which includes glazing, firing, and up to four paint colors). Your organization sells the tiles to donors/painters at a markup. For example: you set the price for each tile for $25 or $50 per tile. We will charge you a flat rate for the tile, glazing, and firing and your organization keeps the difference! A simple 200- tile wall can earn anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on your price point and tile sizes. You can either have a "tile painting event" (where everyone comes to the studio and paints together) or you can set up a timeframe for your supporters to come in separately and paint tiles at the studio. Call us today for more information!

Paint "4" a Cause

Invite your school or non-profit organization to Color Clay for a night of FUN to raise funds for your school or cause. Once all the details are arranged with us, we can provide you with the necessary information to make your event a success! We recommend making a flyer with all the details and distribute them to potential participants. Anyone who comes in with the flyer - or mentions the cause at checkout - during the selected day/week and paints with us, we will add $4 to the item price, which will be yours to keep at the end of the event. As an example, if you want to raise $400, you need to get 100 people in to paint! It's that easy. Call to schedule your Paint "4" a Cause event today!